Surfing the world of wine a bottle at a time.

Our Story

Once upon a time, a young boy of 18 fulfilled his dreams and travelled to the land of Crocodile Dundee, cork hats and the greatest wineries a boy could find.  Eventually he became an Australian citizen, and indulged his love of all things wine, buying and selling fine bottles on eBay since 2003.

Eventually, after many adventures, he met his charming and talented wife and flew her to his adoptive homeland to start her new life in the sunshine too (along with their 4 year old and 24 year old!)  Simon began looking at restarting his niche wine business; planning distribution from small producers all over the amazing estates in Australia and the world.

However, one thing they found in the beautiful Aussie expanses was that sourcing niche bottles from unusual wine producers and niche wine gifts was rather hard.  With an interior design background, his wife was constantly looking for beautiful wine storage and display for their own home, eventually resorting to importing some pieces from the USA and manufacturing some of her own.

And so an idea was born - bringing a curated range of beautiful, functional and eclectic wine products to compliment unusual, unique and obscure wines from around the world home to the Australian market, each with a gentle nod and wink to that laid-back, relaxed Australian coastal style that is found all over the country.